Veteran’s Banner Project

The Floyd Lewis Foundations is excited to offer citizens of Coffey County the opportunity to honor a veteran or someone currently active in the military.  During the weeks prior to and after Veterans Day we will replace the current banners lining Hwy 75 and Neosho Street in Burlington with banners of our county veterans.  The Floyd Lewis Foundation is dedicated to making sure our veterans are appreciated and honored.

The banners on Hwy 75 are slightly larger than the banners on Neosho Street.  The banners for Hwy 75 will cost $200 to purchase and $150 for those on Neosho Street.  The banner will proudly display your veterans name, picture, branch of service and branch gold emblem.  Please fill out the information on the application.  In the boxes below print what you would like to have on the bottom two lines of the banner.  We will make a prototype of your banner and send it to you for approval before it goes to production.  Also, if you could complete a short biography detailing his/her time in service to our country, we will post it here. Bring applications to 404 S 3rd Street or for more information call (620) 364-9518.

It is our goal to have a banner to honor as many of our local veterans as possible, so please send us your applications as soon as possible to allow for production time before Veteran’s Day.  At this time, we only have so many brackets and poles so this is on a first come first serve basis.  We certainly hope to replace every banner in town to one of our veterans.

Veteran Day Banner Application